Sodox Antioxidant Capsule 15N

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Sodox capsule contains Superoxide Dismutase.

Super Oxide Dismutase has powerful antinflammatory activity. Treatment with SOD decreases reactive oxygen species generation and oxidative stress and, thus, inhibits endothelial activation.  Superoxide dismutase is known to reverse fibrosis, perhaps through reversion of myofibroblasts back to fibroblasts.

Sodox capsule is an antioxidant which combats fatigue, stress, weakness and exhaustion, improves physical performance, retard degenerative processes of ageing and improve body’s resistance to infections. Sodox capsule also fight free radicals damaging effects and exhibit positive effect on growth, energy and appetite.

Sodox capsule is a nutritional supplement used as adjuvant in Diabetic Neuropathy and other associated problems as it helps to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Directions of use:

  • Take one tablet of Sodox capsule after meals.
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